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Trap Music Production in Kenya

Trap music is everywhere nowadays. The millennials consider this their kind of music. The humble beginnings of trap music originated in the 1990s. This subgenre was birthed from southern Hip hop. This kind of music is usually characterized by double hi-hats, heavy drums and layers of synthesizers. The term “trap” was coined to refer to

What is MCSK and Why Kenyan Musicians Should Care

THE MCSK. The Music Copyright society of Kenya is an organization set out to protect authors, arrangers, music publishers and composers. They collect and dispense royalties that are owed to artist when their intellectual property is used for mechanical and public performances. The MCSK has been running efficiently for a number of years. In the

The Bingwa Music Awards

  The prestigious, and ever glamorous Bingwa Awards made its debut on the Kenyan scene back in 2014. This annual event, was put together to recognize and reward noteworthy musicians in the region. This awards were crucial in establishing and improving the overall quality on the music industry in the country. They have been slaying

RNB Music Production in Kenya

  Love has been tagging at our heartstrings since the dawn of time. Pouring that soothing balm on our troubled souls. The genre in music dedicated to handling the emotional side of human beings has to be in the Rhythm & Blues. Most of us are unaware of the history of RnB. Let’s drop a

MCSK Awards

  The music copyright society of Kenya registered as a company back in 1843. The company was set up to help artists sustain their earnings from work done. Now it is recognized under the company act as a company limited by a guarantee. It has become a statutory requirement in the music industry, where musicians

KISIMA Music Awards

KISIMA MUSIC AWARDS The prestigious Kisima Awards was brought to being by two individuals. In 1994, Tedd Josiah and Pete Odera came together to form this award based event. When it started, it was focused on recognizing and awarding efforts in performing arts around business, educational circles. Held at Braeburn performing arts theater, the event

The Ultimate List of Kenya’s Music Awards

KENYAN MUSIC AWARDS Kenya’s culture is diverse and rich in cultural symbols. Our people still thrive on African taught disciplines despite being clothed in westernization. We love our music the same way we love our communities. Ever since the country gained independence we have seen the country form its own perception of the musical world.

Hip-Hop Music Production in Kenya

The colossal giant is that the Hip Hop Industry in Kenya, is causing a stir in the international scene. This is of no surprise entirely. The marriage of English and Swahili got us what we commonly known as “Sheng” is popular language used to pass messages to the masses. The Kenyan hip hop music scene

Gospel Music Production in Kenya

  The gospel scene is vibrant in the world as we see it. We have millions of people dedicating their time to listen to music that praises God. The gospel music industry is growing annually to insurmountable proportions in the Kenyan scene. The gospel industry has seen a transformation since the 1940s. The Makwaya choral

Dancehall Music Production in Kenya

The world has been gyrating to the sounds of dancehall for a few decades now. Dancehall aka Bashment is a Jamaican based music genre. This popular music that is currently trending in the musical scene originated back in the 1970s. In the 1980s the genre faced a revolution and the music now became more instrument