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The gospel scene is vibrant in the world as we see it. We have millions of people dedicating their time to listen to music that praises God. The gospel music industry is growing annually to insurmountable proportions in the Kenyan scene.

The gospel industry has seen a transformation since the 1940s. The Makwaya choral groups were among the first to take their music to the radio to be heard. The hymns were translated to local languages, this marked the beginning of the gospel industry in Kenya. These 4-part hymns paved the way for the music industry we are experiencing currently. Today the gospel industry offers a variety of genres to appeal to the masses musical preferences, and still deliver the message.

To support and uplift the Gospel industry in the region, the Groove awards were created to recognize artists making an impact in the scene. The groove awards have proved to provide Gospel artists with a platform where they get to engage with other faithful’s.

Artist and music producers get acknowledged in order to inspire others into producing quality that appeases the masses all over Eastern Africa. In this annual event, artists like Mercy Masika, Size 8, Kelele Takatifu, Juliani, Christina Shusho, just to mention a few.

If you wish to join the Gospel industry singing sweet music to worship God, you might be searching for a studio that can support you in achieving the dream. In all truth most Kenyan gospel artists fail in appealing to the masses due to the quality of their work. You can have amazing vocals, but with poor audio backgrounds, your vocals will deem insufficient.

We are Janeson Recordings respect your dream. We understand that quality is the absolute aim in all we produce. We are professionals who will be at your service whenever you require our services.

We offer you an array of services starting with song writing for those looking for content or hit songs. We have state of the art equipment to help create musical backdrops that will capture your audience. We have professionals working on the instruments on request. We also have great composers at your beck and call, just to provide you with the right beat that matched your genre. We have not forgotten about the prospective musicians in search of mixing and mastering services. We have the technology required to do just that.

We have been in the business for a while and we understand what our clients need. Trust is an important mechanism when working with clients. We respect the clients wishes while still applying professional guidelines while needed.

We challenge you just to see what we are about. Look us up in our social media pages like Facebook. Also you can learn more about what we do through our website, janesonrecordings.co.ke

Let’s come together and make music to praise the Lord and thank him for all his grace upon our lives. Who knows? It might shake up the earth.

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