Hip-Hop Music Production in Kenya

The colossal giant is that the Hip Hop Industry in Kenya, is causing a stir in the international scene. This is of no surprise entirely. The marriage of English and Swahili got us what we commonly known as “Sheng” is popular language used to pass messages to the masses. The Kenyan hip hop music scene is no stranger to various tribal languages to produce massive hits either.

When the Hip Hop industry in Kenya was just a little toddler back in the 1990s, people took no notice at first. They just thought that the artists, were just copying what the media, in the western world was propagating.

The first to prove them wrong was a young producer/artist by the name of Ricky Oyaro whose hit “renaissance” caused a revolution in the hip hop scene. Others followed like Jimmy Gathu’s “stay alive” and the popular rendition of Marvin Gaye’s sexual healing in kikuyu produced by Ted Josiah. Kalamashaka, Ksouth are some of the greatest hip hop artist groups that acclaimed international fame. Making the world take notice of the Kenyan version of the hip hop. Let us not forget to mention Gidi Gidi Maji Maji who gave us hits like” unbwogable” and the legendary Poxy Pressure.

Subgenres like Kapuka and Genge emerged into what we now identify as hip hop. The godfathers of the current Kenyan music were, Abbas Kubaff, Esir, Nonini, Jua Cali, krupt, just to mention a few. We now salute artist like Khalighraph Jones, Octopizzo, Kaka Sungura, kansoul, Victoria Kimani, STL, Sauti Sol among others who have been representing us internationally. Giving us club bangers and hits the radio station cannot stop playing. Songs other international artists enjoy, and make remixes. We are proud of how far the hip hop industry has come.

The one thing that ties the millennial artists to success is their commitment to producing high quality music. We have a few good studios around that are capable of producing top of the line hip hop tracks. Recording studios that can deliver good music tracks to back up honest talent. One of these gems around Nairobi, is the Janeson Recordings.

We have top of the line equipment produce high quality back drops for your tracks. Do you need help writing a song? We have professional song writers to help you write those Kenyan bangers. Help you come up with content that can resonate internationally.

In our armory of talent, we have great composers. People in touch with their musical beings. Professionals able to compose music to make angels smile at your disposal. Record your music in an ambient environment where your musical genius flows freely. All in the meanwhile letting seasoned mixing and mastering people handle the quality of your tracks.

We are at your service for reasonable prices, and the guarantee is quality. We can be your musketeers set in protecting your musical career. What are you waiting for?? Find us on Facebook or check us out on our website.



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