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Love has been tagging at our heartstrings since the dawn of time. Pouring that soothing balm on our troubled souls. The genre in music dedicated to handling the emotional side of human beings has to be in the Rhythm & Blues. Most of us are unaware of the history of RnB. Let’s drop a few nuggets of history.

The beautiful history of this genre in music started in the 1940s. The genre greatly influenced by the struggles of the black American people in those times. The lyrics were laden with messages of hope and desperation. This music was medicine to their souls

Over the years the genre has been influenced by other genres. Taking up different beat styles to suite different generations of people. In the 1950s it was merged with rock and roll to create Electric blues. In the 1960s bands like the rolling stones came up with a British version of Rhythm and blues. In the 1970s the reborn was reborn as funk. Finally, in the 1980s we finally got to meet contemporary RnB that we now identify with. This version encompasses all other fusions from genres we love.

Legends like Stevie Wonder, Whitney Houston, Mariah Carey, Michael Jackson, and R Kelly are some of the legends that brought us RnB hits that the world is still humming to. These legends laid the foundation for the new millennial musicians who are currently hitting our radio stations. Superstars like Usher, Beyoncé, Mary j Blige, Aaliyah, Toni Braxton, India Arie, Ashanti, Ciara and many more have helped revolutionize RnB into the worldwide sensation. Now millennial couples and lovers have something to listen to when the need some romance.

The Kenyan market being the versatile playground that it is, has inspired some of our own to dabble in the genre. We have great vocals like Wahu, Victoria Kimani Avril, Myra, Habida, Harry Kimani, and Kevin Mbugua are some the artists making strides in the country.

Are you a talented RnB artist? Are you looking for a production studio to take care of you? Provide you with the tools you need to succeed? Look no further. Hidden in this lovely city, is a gem. At Janeson recordings we welcome you to try our serene recording environment, and professionals who are aware of the potential you have to offer.

We have proficient recording equipment that can be able to handle your requirements. We are able to compose musical backgrounds that will match the talents vocals. Producing such sweet rhythms that you will fall in love with us yourself. We know that sometimes artists get creative blocks. To remedy this, professional song writers are at your disposal. They will help you brainstorm and get that RnB hit out of you. For those in need of mixing and mastering solutions, we have got you too.

We are a creative team and believe in listening to what our clients need. Please check us out on our media pages. You will not regret.


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