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Trap music is everywhere nowadays. The millennials consider this their kind of music. The humble beginnings of trap music originated in the 1990s. This subgenre was birthed from southern Hip hop. This kind of music is usually characterized by double hi-hats, heavy drums and layers of synthesizers.

The term “trap” was coined to refer to a place where drugs are cut and distributed. The term stemming from Atlanta, Georgia was to symbolize the hard street life and how hard it is to leave that kind of lifestyle. The artists who pioneered this subgenre in the 90s were like Outcast, Ghetto mafia, UGK, Master P, cool breeze and MJG. They laid the foundations and the world moved in. some of the songs were featured in famous movies such as the “Menace II Society” which continued to push the genre into the masses.

The glory years in Trap music exploded into the scene back in 2000s. we started having artists in masses releasing trap tracks. The street life was now put down in words and explained to the world. People came to understand the life down there in the rough streets. The world was accepting of trap music. Popular artists that we love like Rick Ross, Young Jeezy, Gucci Mane, T.I and others presented trap music to be music for the cool kids.

Trap music, in the 2000s although produced by different production houses, the signature in all of them was the synth, string wells and orchestra backed with some heavy kick drums. This sound was generally associated with music from the Atlanta in the south.

By 2010, the subgenre took a new turn. Trap music producer famously known as Lex Lager came into the scene and introduced the kind of trap music that is still played today. It is characterized by faster hit hats, sharp snares, backed by orchestral brass, strings, keyboards and woodwind. Luger is recognized as one of the personalities to popularize trap music.

Now we have various upcoming artists who are taking the charts by storm, producing trap music that could shake up buildings. Famous artists like, Rae sremmurd Chief Keef, future, Migos, Kanye West Young Thug, Beyoncé, Jay Z among others, have influenced younger musicians to join the waves.

Are you interested in trap music and you are wondering who will record your music? I bet you are wondering, if we have credible producers in Kenya able to produce quality trap music. The good news is that yes! We do.

At Janeson recording we offer you a creative environment that lets you as an artist be the genius you are. We are offering you incredible services to boost your dream to the lime light. We have professional mixing and mastering services for those in need of such services. Professional song writers and composers ready to create content for you that appeases the masses. We are the right people to steer you around the world of trap music. Look for us and let us make some magic!


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