The Ultimate List of Kenya’s Music Awards

The Ultimate List of Kenya’s Music Awards


Kenya’s culture is diverse and rich in cultural symbols. Our people still thrive on African taught disciplines despite being clothed in westernization. We love our music the same way we love our communities. Ever since the country gained independence we have seen the country form its own perception of the musical world. We have seen musicians born to indulge Kenya in sweet narrative of the journey of life.

These musicians we speak of put in blood and sweat into their performances. Ensuring that those vocals are strong enough to pass the message through. So deep is their passion that they forgo other needs in their lives. It is all about the music. The calling they seem impearled to answer.

In an effort to appreciate the efforts and passion of these artist, Kenyan based organizations have emerged to support and recognize these artists. Involving the public, in giving these artists the awards that they truly deserve. Several events have been established annually aimed at recognition and rewards.

Let us have a look at some of these Kenyan based Awards that have been seen over the years.


  • CHAT Awards


This platform gave the teenagers a chance to pick out their favorite industry movers. The teenagers got a voice to say who mattered to them. Held annually since 2002, the Chaguo La Teeniez got to recognize artists, presenters, celebrity school kids, best dressed, role models and artist of the years just to mention a few. The awards seized in 2012 unfortunately.


  • Groove awards


The grove awards made a debut in the Kenyan scene back in 2004 aimed at recognizing gospel musicians in the country, this was the first Kenyan awards set up to be established for gospel artists. Some who have been recognized include Mercy Masika, Juliani, Kelele Takatifu, Size 8 among others.



  • Kisima Music Awards


The Kisima Music Awards came into conception back in 1994. The Kisima awards became among the most recognized events in the East African region. Due to obstacles facing the organizations continued existence, the award show pulled the plug in 2012. It was sad to see such a reputable award platform fall from grace.


  • Mwafaka Awards


Following in the footsteps the groove awards, Mwafaka wards were created to recognize gospel artists in the country. Founded in 2011, the event continues to gunner more fans every year. The Mwafaka awards are on a mission to impact the gospel music industry and push it to the international platform.


  • Bingwa awards


The Bingwa awards have been around from 2014. This annual event appreciates artists from the country that are making a mark. They are celebrating movers and shakers in the entertainment industry till today. Aiming to be recognized in the region, they seem to be making great strides.


  • Xtreem Teenies awards


Formed in 2013, the awards event supports and recognize the gospel industry according to the youth in the nation. It continues to grow annually.


  • Mdundo music awards


The Mdundo music award are supported by the Mdundo establishment. These award began in 2014. The Mdundo organization is involved in the online distribution and publishing of music. The event was created in appreciation and promotion of our local artists. Thera have been a number of winners awarded like King kaka, Victoria kimani and Sauti sol.


  • Pulse music video awards.


These awards, have taken place annually for the past few years since 2015. These awards are aimed at developing and sustaining the local music scene. Created by Pulse magazine under the Standard media group, the event has been a success. Past winners include Avril, Amos and josh, and Sauti sol among others.

In the future we hope to see more award shows aimed in applauding and appreciating our artists.


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